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Posts from the ‘Testimonials’ Category


Rebuilding A Home, Testimonial, 2009

-David and Adele


Chapel Hill Home Renovation Testimonial

-Lloyd and Gwynne


Historic Home Remodel, 2010

-Kristen and Jana


Carrboro Home Expansion, 2008

-Bryan and Megan


Architect’s Recommendation, 2006

“I have known and worked with Russell Kennedy […] on many of the projects designed by my office, and have never been disappointed in their performance. Their reputation for quality, honesty. and timeliness is as unparalleled in the industry as I have encountered.”
-John C. Williams, AIA, PA


Property Manager’s Testimonial, 2006

Property manager's testimonial



Commercial Renovation Testimonial, 2006

“I cannot speak highly enough about how professionally and reliably Russell Kennedy handled this project. […] I am convinced we wouldn’t have been able to complete this project with any other contractor. […]  I am extremely pleased with the final appearance and would strongly recommend Kennedy Building Company to anyone contemplating a new construction or major remodeling project. […] the planning was excellent and well-executed.  We were able to stay on budget and on schedule.”

-Dr. Randell


A Great Experience for First-time Remodeling Clients!

“Thanks to you and your team for the major role you played in creating our ‘dream home.’ […] Russell, we found you to be a very hands-on contractor, knowledgeable, patient, flexible, and always available, either by phone or in person, to explain the innumerable issues that come up during a long &large project like this. We appreciated your close attention & supervision of your team, following up daily, inspecting their work, leaving nothing to chance. Your attention to detail rates quite high with us & we believe you were the reason remodeling our home was a positive & productive experience. Pape and I believe you were genuinely concerned meeting out needs and expectations and very supportive in all aspects of our remodel. […] We were especially pleased with your willingness to work through our budget constraints, making what could have been stressful negotiations become creative & constructive discussions about viable remodel options. Your team was always here when they were suppose to be, they were always aware of changes or additions we would make to the overall plan. They are great team, who work very well together, are dedicated, conscientious, professional, reliable & honest. Bravo!”

-Irene and Pape


Durham Home Addition Testimonial

“Throughout the construction and finishing of our addition, we felt fortunate to be working with you. It was clear after our very first meeting that you brought a dedication to quality and detail which is often hard to find in the construction world. Your attention to detail, expertise as a craftsman and builder, and committment to working patiently with us throughout the job stand out for us and reflect a true integrity of character. We especially appreciated your capacity for clear and thorough communication which began with the bid process and carried on through to job completion.”

-Kenny and Marybeth


Extensive Home Renovation by Max and Russel Kennedy, 2003

– Samuel